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Re: sunroof question '84 5000T /and who has best price on Bentley?

In a message dated 99-01-13 10:19:00 EST, kclampo@unity.ncsu.edu writes:

<< 	It sounds like you have the same problem I have... Pop the roof up
 and see if you notice little a metal piece that is broken. It will have an
 odd liooking track, and a hook type. What happned is that if the metal
 part brakes it cannot hold the roof down so it will scrape the paint. 
 	BE CAREFUL!!! I punchtured the interior roof lineing while messing
 with it. See if that is the prob, If so I have some places to get the
 parts from cheap...

i looked at it better today.  that is the prob. the cables are fine, its just
the "right hinge lift" is broken.  does anyone know the part# for this?  it is
on there, but you need a microscope to read it....i got some of it...
443 877 270A??? is that it?  the dealer lists this at $19. 
any info would be appreciated.

also, who has the best prices on Bentley books?  or does anyone have a used
one they'd sell me?  it needs to cover at least from '84-'88 5000 turbo, and
turbo quattro.
i have a Haynes manual, but its pretty lame, and most of the models are euro
versions and i have found quite a few diff.s  between them and US models..

allentown, pa
'86 5k TQ
'84 5k T