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lltis further information - trivial pursuit questions

i've checked my information about the lltis.  i hadn't realised that it was
actually produced at ingolstadt!

it won the paris-dakar in 1980 with kottulinsky and loffelmann driving.  i'm
90% certain that this vehicle had the turbo inline 5 in it (with
intercooler) along with the prototype quattro transmission (or course).
it's purpose was to test the ur-quattro components before putting them in
the type 85 chassis.

so, technically, the lltis is the 1st generation ur-quattro, at least as far
as motorsport was concerned.

on a separate note, i've met kottulinsky on a drivers course.  nice guy with
a lot of stories about the paris-dakar and testing the early ur-quattro

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q