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85 4ksq Parts Car in CT mit ze under-radiator shroud!!

Greetings Folks.  I have access to 85 4ksq that I'd like to dismantle and part
out.  However, I need a place to dismantle the car.

Car is located in Canton, CT, and is drivable.

Can listers suggest a site where this can happen?  Can we lift the car to
remove the exhaust and other stuff?  Any listers in central CT interested in a
group dismantling so that we can pick this thing clean in 1-2 days?

If so, I'll post a detailed description tomorrow(1/14).  Briefly, the car is
silver with an excellent chocolate brown cloth interior, working sunroof,
accident free body, undinged wheels, and best of all, has the elusive and much
sought after under-radiator shroud panel.

The car isn't perfect.  It is complete, and there should be enough for the
parts vultures that want to come.

Please e-mail me directly in addition to a list posting.

Jan Pinkowish
85 4ksq