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Re: f1 engine state of the art

In message <Pine.HPX.4.05.9901131523190.2137-100000@bluejay.creighton.edu> Virtual Bob writes:

> Considering the prodigious power of the motor, this performance can almost
> be regarded as lucklustre. Even more idiotically, the installation of the
> V10 unit has rendered the F1 Espace a mere four-seater. We don't think it
> will catch on.
> Did anyone ever tested the thing on track?

Yes.  The entire exercise was to benefit Frank Williams, who has been
wheelchair-bound since a racing accident many years ago.  Renault
recognised his personal contribution to Williams-Renault and their
F1 world championship efforts, and built the Espace purely so that
he could go round a Fornula One circuit powered by a Renault engine
and driven by a Renault F1 driver.  It was all done (ISTR) in late
1996 during a practice session at Silverstone.

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