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RE: Hotel In Steamboat

It _was_ the Ski Town Inn ....I say was, as it is closed now according to
the person with whom I made the arrangements last year.

Unfortunately my business is taking me on a whirlwind trip to the Bay Area,
Chicago then Tampa/Orlando and that weekend is not likely to exist for me.
At least not so far as the Steamboat event is concerned :-(

Have fun, and be sure to participate in the night sport rally...there must
be at least one Q driver out there who can give Scott a challenge for FTD


P.S.  Bob, did I miss a status report on that LT1/5kq project of yours?

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> Anyone remember the name of that hotel in Steamboat where a
> bunch of us
> stayed last year?  As I recall it was essentially located
> down the valley
> from the Hiltop Ramada.  They had FatTire on draft if that helps...
> Bob Dupree
> 	'87 LT-1Q (Not coming)