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RE: V6 oil consumption

I'm feeling really stupid, but what does FWIW stand for?  I'm on several
lists and know all the abbreviations, but I've never gotten that one.  Now,
to the subject of my post, I'm assuming the general consensus is that some
oil consumption may still be normal?  We bought the 95 A6Q with $37k on it
and all service records.  It was serviced under the Audi advantage so Dino
juice every 7k.  I really didn't think much about it, because the car was
serviced and owned by a female so I figured how much damage could be done in
those few miles.  The car still drives very well so I don't think anything
is wrong.  Anyway, at 38k, I changed the oil and used Mobil 1 10W-30.  So
now, the car has a little over 40k and oil has gone from the Max line to the
Min line.  When I changed it I put in almost 6 quarts (I think the spec is
5.7 quarts or something like that) so I'm assuming that it's burning/using
about a quart every 2k. Does anybody think this is excessive?  My daily
driver truck burns no oil in 3k and it has 62k on it.  It's just a Ford
4-cylinder, but I have had it since new and maintained it very well.
Also, I started the car the other morning, temp was around 30 deg and I
could hear what sounded like knocking coming from the engine.  It was not
very loud and I could only hear it after I got out of the car and was
walking by the front to go back in the house. It went away, maybe lasted a
minute, probably less.  Anybody think that is a cause for concern?
And how do you get that Audi magazine?  I figure I spent enough at the
dealer for the A6 to get it, but I never heard a word about it (not that I'm
TIA (sorry about the long winded post),

Samuel W. Clough
Invesco Retirement Plan Services

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> Well fine, I just read the rest of the Q-list e-mail on this subject,
> but I think that regardless of public opinion I'm going to stick to my
> guns :)
> I know of at least 2 or 3 100 owners (one a '94 and one a '93 I
> think...possibly a 95 A6 as well) with the same oil consumption; one had
> numerous tests done to the engine, had everything cleaned to look for
> leaks, etc etc and found nothing too bad.  I think that using a heavier
> weight helped one of them, but I never heard back from the other.
> My V6 will go from 5qts to 3.5qts in about 2 weeks and then stay there,
> but it's leaking so that doesn't really count......
> --
> Elliott
> Elliott Potter wrote:
> > 
> > For some people that consumption is normal for the V6, I think it just
> > depends on the weather in Ingolstadt, or the mood of the quality control
> > manager (they have one at Audi, right?), etc etc etc.  Basically I
> > wouldn't worry too much about it if you don't see any other problems.
> > --
> > Elliott