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Re: lltis further information - trivial pursuit questions

...except that they produced the Transporter (T3) syncro in the 80's and the
early nineties.  For serious off road travel, the syncro Transporter with
the 16" wheel/chassis options is hard to beat.  The Audi V6 engines go in
real nicely too, making for a nice civilian Paris-Dakar truck.

There was also the Golf Country 4x4 with a separate tube chassis on which a
Golf (A2) body was mounted along with syncro drivetrain and a 1.8L engine.
Nice car, quietest of the A3 Golfs due to the increased insulation from road
and drivetrain noise.

Maybe the LT Mk1 4x4 as well, maybe some others that I can't recall at the

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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>> And exactly what role has Steyer Daimler Puch(sp?) of Austria played in
>> VW/Audi 4wd history??
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