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Warm Start 87 5ktq

Hello All,

In the last few days my 87 5ktq is very difficult to start when the car has
sat between 5 minutes to 2 hours. I live outside of Chicago, IL USA. The
ambient temperature has been between -10 degF and +20 degF during this period.
I had recently removed one of the afterrun thermal switch connectors from the
hose into head area, but reconnecting does not cure the problem. The engine
cranks fine and once in a while it will try and catch immediately but then
behave as though it was getting no fuel at all. Cranking for periods up to 2
minutes in 10 second intervals it is nothing until it catches. It reminds me
of what happened on my 85 Golf when the fuel pump relay went south. Did I
break something removing the wire or is it a great coincidence???

John Katos