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Timing Belt Replacement Parts

It's time to replace my timing belt again on the 200q. Got a quote from the
dealer for the following:

All three belts
Timing belt
Water pump
Spark plugs

The cost from the dealer with a 15% discount was $395!

I tried Rod at the parts connection and ordered them from him. I was
concerned because you don't always get the right parts when ordering from
an aftermarket source. I got the parts yesterday and as far as I can tell,
all parts are the SAME as you get at the dealer, but they just don't have
AUDI printed on the cardboard. All Continential belts, bosch parts, etc.

Total cost with shipping - $199!

Thanks Rod! (rod@thepartsconnection.com), it's always nice to have a good
thing happen to you.


Paul Waterloo
Eaton Power Plant Controls
Phone 708-524-9464
Voicemail/pager 888-962-7304