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Re: 89 200TQ Oil Guage

My wife's '90 100 oil gauge is generally pegged at over 5 bars.  Not
sure when this started, but I first noticed it a few weeks ago.  I
haven't investigated, but I have assumed this is a bogus reading.
Would be interested in hearing anything you may find out though...

>Quattro Group
>I was driving my 200tq yesterday and the oil gauge went past 5 bars. 
>Also the Oil Can appeared on the auto check screen for about 5
>seconds then disappeared.  I don't think I have a oil problem because  
>when I turned off the car and turn it back on without starting it the
>guage sits at about 2 bars.  It's like the 2 bars on guage is where it
>starts registering oil pres. from 0 bars.  It has been raining to hard
>here to checkit out so I will check it out this weekend.  I think it my
>be a bad sender.  If anyone has had this problem I would appreciate any
>Pat Korach
>Kirkland, WA
>89 200TQ 
>86 5000SW MC 5spd (Under Restoration)