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V6 oil Consumption

I might as well as add my .02 and say what we have found at the dealer
regarding this matter.  First of all the problem is probably not the
vales/guides/seals.  These components are very high quality and only give
up when pistons meet valves.  The problem is the rings.  The rings used in
the AAH/AFC seies engines (all V6's 92-97) are a low tension design for
less internal losses due to friction.  This inherantly will allow a
slightly higher amount of oil to get by then in a I5.  On cars with
consumption of 1qt every 1k-1.5k we remove the heads and pans.  Pop the
piston and rod assy's out and 90% of them have the ring gaps lined up on 1
or more pistons.  This what allows a high amount to get by the rings and
burn.  WARNING: All this oil winds up in the cats eventually causing
failure (very common).  Also all the engines that have been run low on oil
show a significant amount of wear on the bearings,  showing scuffed through
to the copper.  So if your V6 is using oil amke sure the oil level is
topped up,  don't run a qt. low because it "seems" to have stopped there.
If the car is still under warranty talk to your dealer about this.  When we
do the repairs we replace rings,bearings (rods/mains),valve seals and any
other gaskets needed.  We also hone the cylinder bores before reassembly.
To date no engine we have done this to has returned using any perceptable oil.

Daniel Jones 84 4ksq 122k and strong
Wagner Motor Sales W.Boylston Ma.