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RE: Snow tires for 4000S


> Say "hypothetically", that all I wanted was the best snow/ice traction to be
> had and could swap back to my regular tires at will.  Would the 155's be
> alright (I watch to much Speedvision and see those WRC cars with their
> studded "bicycle" tires) or would the handling be comprised even in the
> snow/ice?

155s may be "all right", but they may only be an advantage in some types
of deep snow.  They will certainly disappoint under any other condition,
which would probably include any cornering.  So, could you "hypothetically"
swap back before getting on the interstate?

There should not be any clearance or speedometer problems with 13" wheels
and 175/70-13 tires.  The 185/60-14s are the +1 fitment for the 4000.  The
175/70-13 was considered the +0.  Hmm, would 155/80s be -1?

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe

Massachusetts, USA