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RE: Brake light problem on urq

> Well, then, time to eliminate the lousy 10 pin connector.  You only need
> 4 - brake, reverse, park, and turn - for each side.  You will already
> have the aux ground wire in place I assume.  A good bet would be a Ford
> type plastic 4 pin (3 male/1 female and vice verse) square connector
> block, or trailer hitch type connector.  Figure out which wire is which,
... while we're on the subject of worthwhile mods ... I've always wanted to
find some multi-conductor coiled cord to connect the loom from the trunk lid
(boot) to the body of the car (4kSQ in my case, but I think the 5k does this
too).  I currently have my usual temp fix in place ... an aneurysm of
crimp-type butt splices wrapped with polyurethane wrap, but I'd love to get
something like the ur-quattro uses to connect to the trunk.  The closest
I've found to date is a CB microphone cable from Radio Shaft, but the
conductors aren't made to handle a lot of current.  Has anyone else found a
good source for coiled cord with say 5 conductors 18-20 gauge?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)