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RE: V6 oil Consumption

Could you take a look at my motor :)
Samuel ( a little doubtful that my dealer would give that kind of attention
and suspicious of their warranty work)

Samuel W. Clough
Invesco Retirement Plan Services

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> Subject:	V6 oil Consumption
> I might as well as add my .02 and say what we have found at the dealer
> regarding this matter.  First of all the problem is probably not the
> vales/guides/seals.  These components are very high quality and only give
> up when pistons meet valves.  The problem is the rings.  The rings used in
> the AAH/AFC seies engines (all V6's 92-97) are a low tension design for
> less internal losses due to friction.  This inherantly will allow a
> slightly higher amount of oil to get by then in a I5.  On cars with
> consumption of 1qt every 1k-1.5k we remove the heads and pans.  Pop the
> piston and rod assy's out and 90% of them have the ring gaps lined up on 1
> or more pistons.  This what allows a high amount to get by the rings and
> burn.  WARNING: All this oil winds up in the cats eventually causing
> failure (very common).  Also all the engines that have been run low on oil
> show a significant amount of wear on the bearings,  showing scuffed
> through
> to the copper.  So if your V6 is using oil amke sure the oil level is
> topped up,  don't run a qt. low because it "seems" to have stopped there.
> If the car is still under warranty talk to your dealer about this.  When
> we
> do the repairs we replace rings,bearings (rods/mains),valve seals and any
> other gaskets needed.  We also hone the cylinder bores before reassembly.
> To date no engine we have done this to has returned using any perceptable
> oil.
> Daniel Jones 84 4ksq 122k and strong
> Wagner Motor Sales W.Boylston Ma.