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Re: P 210 winter?

Bob wrote:
> Eugene Kanter wrote:
> > Anybody ever used P 210 Winter tires? How are they compare to others?
> >
> > Thanks,
> I had them on my UrQ. They suck more than anything that has ever sucked
> before.  Save money, go get a set of bald sears retreads from a dumpster,
> they are much better than the 210's.  Ask lister Chris Locke, they are
> scary.

Well, I don't know if we're talking about the old Winter P210 or its
replacement, the Winter 210 Asymmetrico. (I believe the old P210 is
basically unavailable now, except for some left-overs.)

If we're talking about the P210, I have no experience with them and cannot
comment. I do, however, have a set of the new Winter 210 Asymmetricos on
my 1993 90 right now. Here are my thoughts:

- they're the only H-speed rated snows I know of; all the rest are Q
  or worse

- they're available in wide & low-profile sizes, unlike many other snows
  (not necessarily what you want for max snow traction, but if all you've
   got are 17" rims...)

- in the dry and wet, they handle as well as a decent set of touring tires;
  wouldn't take 'em to the track, but I've logged many highway and twisty
  2-lane miles, 70-90MPH with confidence (try that on Blizzaks)

- they're orders of magnitude better than any all-season tire I've ever
  tried in snow/slush/pack, etc.; really no comparison

- they're not as good as "ultimate" snow/ice tires, like the Guardex, 
  Blizzak, Hakka, etc. in snow/slush/pack.

Bottom line, if your winters consist of dry and wet roads, punctuated by
snow, slush, etc. on a regular basis and you don't like having to back off
the throttle in the dry like you'd have to on "ultimate" snows, you can't
beat the 210 Asymmetrico.

If your winters consist of massive amounts of deep, unplowed snow, 4-month
ice pack, etc., you'd do better to look at the "ultimate" snows... and studs.

1993 90CS 5spd 72k miles