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Re: audi 90 thanks, and more problems

I think heated mirrors are standard, and the cold weather package had
heated locks/washers/seats/steering wheel.

I think that the rear defroster is fused after the switch; the switch
has a bunch of stuff inside to control how long it stays on and that is
fused separately--which means that the switch could operate just fine
but you won't get any defrosting.  Check fuse #16--should be a 30A fuse
that protects the heated mirrors and rear defroster.  I think that fuse
4 (also 30A) protects the switch.

If those fuses are OK, the next possibility is the switch itself.  When
you push the switch, pin 3's output heats the mirrors, and pin 6's
output heats the rear window...these pins are protected with a fuse
inside the switch.

Chris Newbold wrote:
> Derick Farfan wrote:
> > Also, my defroster,  I notice that on the outer edges all the windows
> > there is a black strip with dots coming out.  This is for the defroster
> > right.
> Nope. That's just some sort of funny window treatment. (Any one know what
> it might be for?) Only the rear window has defrost (the horizontal lines),
> and maybe the mirrors and washer nozzles, if you've got the cold weather
> package.
> -Chris
> 1993 90CS 5sp 72k miles