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Re: lltis further information - trivial pursuit questions

FWIW, here are some production figures for the Transporter T3 syncro
production out of Steyr Daimler Puch.

T3 syncro total: 43,468
LHD: 41,360
RHD: 2,108

2.1i (95 HP) 14,233
2.1i (112 HP) 6,259
1.9 (78 HP) 6,641
1.6TD (70 HP) 16,335

"Pritschenwagen" Pick-Up Single Cab (245) 1,787
"Doppelkabine" Pick-Up Double Cab (247) 6,849
"Kastenwagen" Van, panels (251) 5,848
"Kombi" Bus (253) 14,650
"Caravelle" Bus (255) 14,334

16" package: 2,138

So there were significant production numbers of the syncro, evident of the
number on the road here even today.  Too bad the 16" package volume remained
low.  I'm still searching for a good 16" Doppelkabine or Kastenwagen, engine
irrelevant.  Almost any Audi engine can be adapted to fit, from I5's to V6's
and the 1.8T.  It would make the trip to the cottage a bit more fun...

Currently we have a beauty (not really) of a 1986 doppelkabine 1.6TD syncro
for doing the rough and dirty hauling work, but it sadly doesn't have the
16" package which is unreasonably expensive to build into it at this point.
The utility and railroad companies still have the 16" syncros in use and
haven't found replacements with equal abilities for their use.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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>In message <005301be3fd7$c0263300$cd0056d4@joukoh.vtoy.fi> "Jouko Haapanen"
>> ...except that they produced the Transporter (T3) syncro in the 80's and
>> early nineties.  For serious off road travel, the syncro Transporter with
>> the 16" wheel/chassis options is hard to beat.  The Audi V6 engines go in
>> real nicely too, making for a nice civilian Paris-Dakar truck.
>Yeah, but a production run of a few hundred for Europe only hardly
>counts as a 'contribution to quattro history'.
>Steyr also produced the 'G-Wagen' for Daimler-Benz.
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