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Re: My 90q going sideways

Thanks for the help, everyone.

It look like it is "only" the lower ball joint, and the
ball joint on the "toe in/out-adjuster" (or is that a tie rod)?
I will need to change them before I can find out if the 
lower controlarm is bent. The rim must also be replaced,
but I can replace it with my spare.
(yes, I have a full size spare  205/50/15 on alloy rim!!).

I live in Norway, and the dealer charges about:
$130,- for the ball joint (857 505 365)
$205,- for the tie rod (893 501 499B)
$250,- for the lower control arm.
Is this the normal prices?

Can anybody with a fiche confirm these numbers? I was told that this 
was the right part-numbers by my dealer, but I don`t trust him. 
My car is a:
Audi 90 Quattro
Chassinr.	8A-L-129555

Here in Norway, it`s unlikely to find something at the junk-yard, and
there is no aftermarked  for these Audi part`s
Does "Carlsen Audi, Palo Alto, California" ship to Norway,
and do they have an E-mail address..??
Maby someone else? (ROD@TPC don`t have them.)

Kristian Riise

> Subject:          My 90q going sideways
> Date sent:        Thu, 13 Jan 1999 15:12:30
> Went for a little ride this morning, trying to move a sidewalk 
> with my rear wheel... Did not work to well.
> My car is now going sideways hwn I trying to drive straight forward,
> as the right rear wheel have an different angle than normally. (ca
> 10deg. out to the right) I did bend down and performed a 
> quick-check, but did not see any damage. I try to ask the list, as I 
> think it`s the same thing that bend on other car`s when they are 
> going sideways into something. Someone else has done this as 
> well..?? Or is it just me.......
> My questions is:
> Which parts must be replaced??
> Is this a major fix?  Can I do it myself?  What will it cost to 
> repair myself or if I leave it to a dealer?
> Any help would be appreciated..
> put my adress in the "CC" please.
> Kristian Riise
>' 90 90Q 10V