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Re: Custom EM for 10V turbo

Janet Scruggs wrote:

> I've considered having an improved manifold made for my MC engine and set
> about last year to find someone to do same.  Checked with Jack Burns of
> Burns Stainless in LA.  He makes headers for Winston Cup stockers and from
> the pictures in his catalog they are art.  Said that he was more of a
> producer than a fabricator these days and sent me to one of his fabricators
> friends that does a lot of street rod custom things.  I've forgotten this
> guy's name but I told him what I wanted and as he was not familiar with the
> Audi I5 I described the configuration and layout.  Said that he would have
> to see it in the flesh before giving me a firm price but for a one-off unit
> out of stainless steel he allowed as it would probably be in the range of
> $1,800 - $2,200.
> Well the next thing I remember was a paramedic leaning over me yelling,
> "CLEAR!"  Then I must have gone through this dream sequence because Linda,
> DeDe and Mike, all of Carlsen's parts department, were bring me a new
> two-piece exhaust manifold with a red ribbon wrapped around it.  At this
> point I knew that this must be my heavenly reward... and it only cost $800!
> Last summer I scoured the country, using a parts locator service in
> Jacksonville FL, for a used two-piece EM.  I bought two: one turned out to
> be for an NA 10V engine, and the other turned out to be the OEM one that I
> already had.  Returned same.  Bummer.
> Should anyone locate a fabricator for an improved EM for our dear 10V turbo
> engines that would be willing to make a batch of them for a reasonable
> price, I think there is enough interest out there to support the making of
> around 20 of them.... IF... the price is close to the cast iron two-piece
> and the performance is better.  I hereby raise my hand as one who is
> interested.
> Regards, Gross Scruggs
> '87 5kCSq, OE EM...

At this point it may be wise to convert from KKK to Garret. That is what most
respectable private rally builders do around the world.
Mike Z