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Okay, I admit it.  I'm a lawyer.  Probably confirms what you already 
suspected.  Couldn't remain silent (how many lawyers could?) after 
seeing the latest barbed posting: "Dan . . .. Do we really allow 
lawyers to read the Q-list?  I did not think they were intelligent 
enough to appreciate quattros."
My previously confessed admissions of ignorance about cars generally, 
regrettably including Audis specifically, makes me guilty as charged. 
 But I would point out - mitigating circumstances?? - that one doesn't 
have to have much intelligence to appreciate a quattro.  (What does 
that say about the intelligence of most of the [non-Audi-driving] 
population - makes 'em below the level of lawyers?  What a revolting 

"Aren't they required by their ethical judiciary oath to drive BMW?" 
 Personally, wouldn't be caught dead in one.   (And hope, almost on a 
daily basis, I won't be killed by some idiot driving one.  OTOH, my 
other car is a Porsche, and I don't know whether that's viewed as any 
better in the average q-lister's opinion.)

"PS  Oh yeah,  I get it.  Lawyers don't have an ethical oath."  Sure 
we do.  Some just seem to be able to ignore it and rationalize the 
omission, a related "skill" to what sometimes passes as lawyering 
these days.  Or maybe, with ethical standards sometimes set by those 
"at the top" there are too many conflicting (at best) standards 
evidenced many individuals who have been elected to "serve" our 
country.  (Please don't start a thread on that one - I'll strike it, 
if necessary.)  But we do have a sense of humor -- I do hope Rick 
Finke thinks it's funny when he's served with a complaint for slander 
:)  Maybe I'll settle for an 83 urQ as damages :)
Larry Bardfeld

P.S. Now that I've already wasted BW, I'll compound it by passing 
along the winning entry from a recent contest for new scientific 
theories sponsored by Omni magazine (runner-up theories omitted, but 
available upon request):
When a cat is dropped, it ALWAYS lands on its feet; and when toast is 
dropped, it ALWAYS lands with the buttered side down. Therefore, I 
propose to strap buttered toast, butter side down, to the back of a 
cat.  When dropped, the two will hover, spinning inches above the 
ground, probably into eternity. A buttered-cat array could replace 
pneumatic tires on cars and trucks.