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Audi 90 thanks, and more problems

> Derick Farfan (sorry, lost your address), had problems with the
> key/cylinder turning freely in the door locks.
Derick, I wrote about this a few weeks ago. Like D Potter says, you most
likely have lost the retaining ring on the back of the cylinder, but then
you should also be able to essentially be able to pull the cylinder straight
out. Be aware, if you do this, all the tumblers and small springs might fall
out  = Big MESS!

More likely (if the locks are the same as on 100/200 models) is that the
aluminum lever that goes from the lock cylinder via linkage to the actual
lock, has broken. This is VERY common (but unlikely to happen at both sides
simultaneously?!) problem that you can fix your self with parts from Audi
(about $10-15 USD for new steel lever and lock cylinder, required) and some
severe patience. I think there's a good description on Scott Mockry's web
page (http://www.teleport.com/~scottmo/index.html) on how to fix this. I am
out on the road and sitting late in a hotel room and simply do not have time
to type up the entire procedure tonight. Mail me directly and I'll try to
help you when I'm back in town (Bellevue/Seattle) on Sunday. Bottom line is
that this is something you likely can fix yourself!

P-O Selander
Bellevue, WA
(right now in Dallas/Richardson, TX, and fighting with a p-o-s Toshiba
Portege 7010 laptop)