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Re: AWD systems from Steyer Daimler Puch

Hi everyone, or everyone who cares about the non-q AWD.

I pulled out the shop manual for our Dodge Caravan AWD, and
the system is DESIGNED to work in reverse. I suspect that
there is a problem with our system right now.

An in-line over-running clutch keeps the rear wheels from 
driving the front wheels when braking hard, and there is a 
dog clutch that locks out this over-running clutch when
reverse gear is engaged. My guess is that the vacuum
actuator is not working right. I do not know when this change
occurred, ( when it broke, or if it is broke or just intermittent ),
since there is no feedback that it is working correctly.

My apologies for my comment that the system had a design
quirk, but it was based on my experience in trying to reverse
up a small slope from a parking spot just after a serious ice-up.
When it seemed to behave like a two wheel drive, I vaguely
remembered the freewheeling clutch part, and placed the 
whole blame on it, not remembering that the was a solution
designed in there as well.