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RE: Audi sales up

As a used Audi buyer, I've really come to enjoy the large depreciation on
Audis in recent years, but I'd much rather see Audi succeed in the US
market.  Perhaps if Audi's domestic sales improve, they'll introduce some of
the "European-only" models that we only get to read about in Road&Track!

Side note:  Volkswagen (and its subsidiaries - Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini,
Skoda, etc.) have recently taken Toyota's place as the third largest auto
maker in the world (first and second belonging to Ford and GM).  "The Big
Three???"   Detroit's getting a run for its money!

-Dan Sinclair
'88 Audi 90 (67K-no typo).

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I know we all have noticed Audi sales are up since the new A4 and on to the
new A6, A8, but I heard on the local radio (admittedly they do a lot of Audi
advertising) that Audi sales are up 50% and that they are the fastest
growing car company in America.

Here's to paying higher prices for our favored marque.

Samuel W. Clough
Invesco Retirement Plan Services