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Re: quattro vs. Quattro

Audifan1@aol.com wrote:
> qlist-
> I read that Quattro refers to the original Quattro as in the "Audi Quattro"
> or ur-q while quattro refers to the drive, etc...  You may have a quattro
> (4k, 5k, 100, 200, 80, 90 A4, A6, A8, etc...) but only a few have a Quattro.
> No?             Ron

About 9 months ago I responded to a ad about a 92 or 93 100 Audi
Quattro.  The price was low for a quattro.  Well it turned out it was
not a quattro but was called a Audi Quattro without the quattro drive. 
It had the Audi Quattro badge and the back of the car.

Pat Korach 
Kirkland, WA