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Re: More Audi Questions

Ernest Cline writes:
> so what is an 'Ur-Q' that everyone keeps talking about?

The original Audi Quattro turbo coupe.  (Ur = "original" in German)
2 door coupe body based on the type 81/85 platform, 5 cylinder turbocharged
engine, all wheel drive, flared fenders, etc.  For pics, go to


	Under "Audi Images 1":
	Pics 2, 17 and 18 are factory rally Ur-Qs
	Pic 11 is a street UrQ

Other listers web sites have lots of pics of this car too.

> Second, can someone
> send me some info about the Audi GT coupes?  I understand they came in
> AWD and with a turbo 5valve 4 cylinder, but I also here that they had a
> lot of problems blowing the heads.

If you're talking about the 81-87 vintage Audi Coupe GT, they were
never offered with quattro in the USA.  Very few quattro versions of
the Coupe GT were sold elsewhere in the world.  In either case these
cars don't have a turbo, and have a 2-valve per cylinder head.  There
is no problem with "blowing the head".  The only other Audi coupe in
recent years is the 91-92 Audi Coupe quattro, and this comes with
(of course) all wheel drive, and a 5-cylinder 4-valve per cylinder engine.
Again, no turbo, and no known tendency to "blow the head".

> them to some decent horsepower levels (like 13-14 second quarter mile
> traps?).

Nope, neither coupes can reach that kind of acceleration without
some serious modifications.

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