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Re: 1995 A6 Timing Belt

Hairy green toads from Mars made David Kroth say:

> Andrew, you wrote:
> > I have not
> > changed my timing belt yet, but will at 60K (only have 52K so far).
> 60K has been the industry recommendation for years for timing
> belts.  However, neither my owners manual nor my Bentley manual
> have any recommendation on _when_ to change the timing belt.
> If you know of an official reference, please clue me in!
> (Note: both Bentley and the owners manual have recommendations
> for changing the ribbed acessory belt, but nothing for the
> toothed timing belt.)
> There is, however, a section on _how_ to replace it.  I'm rolling
> up on 70K now, but I'm going to wait for the warmer weather to
> make the swap.  I've had enough of working on the car when its
> 3 degrees Farenheit.

There is no real "industry standard"; it depends on the car.
I believe the V8s recommend 90K (but wisdom is still 60K).
Some engines are interference, some are not. Many Audis
(especially the non-interference ones) do not specify a
change interval. My new A6 does; 60K.


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