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Lawyer Bashing

Fellow Audians;

I'm a quattro driving lawyer who's been associated with the
Q-List for several years.  I fail to understand the purpose of
pithy, overbroad, generalizations that attack any one group of
people. (Do we really allow lawyers to read the Q-list?  I did
not think they were intelligent enough to appreciate quattros."
"Aren't they required by their ethical judiciary oath to drive
BMW?" "PS  Oh yeah,  I get it.  Lawyers don't have an ethical
oath.").  Unfortunately, this thoughtless drivel requires a

For the record, in our law firm, there are three Q-Drivers
(5000TQ, 200TQA, A4Q) and two BMW's (750 & 528).

As far as intelligence is concerned, most lawyer's I've been
associated with graduated from the top of their high school,
college, and law school classes.  I've found them to be highly
intelligent, interesting and thoughtful people.

The practice of law is one of the few professions that requires
an ethical oath.  There is an ethics section on most bar exams
and in my state (Washington) if you flunk the ethics section you
do not practice until you pass it. Moreover, every year we are
required to take continuing legal education courses that include
ethics credits.  Sure, I've known some lawyers who's ethics I'd
question, but the vast majority of lawyers I know are highly
ethical.  Most legal community are "small."  If a lawyer proves
to be unethical, word gets around fairly quickly and it's only a
matter of time before their reputation amongst judges, potential
clients, and their peer group, is mud.  The practice of law
becomes very difficult and it's seemingly only a matter of time
before these lawyers are hauled before the state bar disciplinary
committee to face disbarment.  Thus, law is one of the few
professions where unethical behavior can cause you to lose your
career. (Ever heard of an unethical plumber, car mechanic, or
appliance repair person losing their license?).

Unkind comments, based upon race, religion, sex, culture,
profession, the kind of car one drives, and so forth, does
nothing to forward the Q-List.

Greg Johnson
'91 200 TQA