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Re: Early 4k F disc brake splash shields

Alan Kramer wrote:
> Hi all,
>     Today driving my 4k in a lovely ice storm Maryland was hit with this
> morning, someone's abandoned tire chain decided to wrap itself somehow
> (I'm still trying to figure that out...) around my RF tie rod and in the
> process seriously disfigured the brake "splash shield," causing it to
> rub in places against the disc.  Can this be removed easily w/o removing
> the disc?  As I was un-wrapping the chain while laying on my back on the
> side of the road in slush, I didn't look for the mounting bolts...
> ...and I'm not too enthusiastic to spend too much time out in the ice
> trying to figure it out, 'cause I'm not lucky enough to have a garage!
> Also, do you think would the removal of the shield affect brake
> performance that much???
> If anyone knows, I'd greatly appreciate it!
> TIA,
> Alan
> '81 4k/4E  300k mi.
> '83 CGT  180k mi.

If the A4 is like the 5000 series then there are 3 10mm bolts that hold
the slash guard on. I think they are bolted on outere side of the
strut.  Hard to get of without removing the disks. 
On my sons Eagle Premier there are no spash guards and the disk brakes
do heat up easy.  Of course that isn't saying much because the Premier's
system is a piece of SH** anyway. So I assume the running without guards
will subject your disks to heat and foreign objects on the road.

Pat Korach 
Kirkland, WA