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Re: 1995 A6 Timing Belt

"Small, Jason" wrote:
> Is there a way to find out if an Audi engine is an interference or not?
> (i.e. a compiled web site?)  My specific question is regarding a 1989
> 100Q.  I think its the MC engine, but I don't have my Bentley handy and
> I have a poor memory.

Your 100q is probably an NF engine, Tbelt info, according AllData CD,
definite interference engines are:  2.0 I5 Diesel and 1.6 I4 Diesel.  
All other engines are NOT SPECIFIED, which means assume it IS an
interference engine. AllData (Mitchell also) state that if there is no
specified Tbelt replacement interval, make 60K the change mileage.
God, I wish I hadn't lost my Bentley.
MJ Murphy