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RE: Custom EM for 10v Turbo.

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Lewis, Gary M wrote:

> I did give a report when I installed it.  Here is a snippet:

	Sorry.  I must of missed it.  Cant read ALL the messages and have
a life too. :-)

> Uhhh, hello, what's that?  Feels like low-end torque.   Please move the bar
> rpm numbers DOWN 1,000 rpm.  1.5 bar at 2,000 rpm and 1.8 bar at 2,500 rpm.
> The car isn't more powerful, just moved the power band down lower.  Much
> faster in 1st and 2nd gear.  3rd thru 5th gears didn't change much under
> WOT, as the K26 is usually spooled by this time.  I think I may have chopped
> off +1 sec. of 0-60 times(Seat Of The Pants estimating method).  The car is
> also smoother, more like a 20vt, under WOT.  I remember Todd P. describing
> Scott Mo's car at PIR.  Very smooth and fast.  I get the same feeling.

	Cool.  Thats impressive.  I really want to find a k24 one of these
days but the TUrbo Conversion has to come first.

> of the turbo/EM studs.  S/b running Saturday.  I will give a report.  Also,
> usless tragedy befalls, expect single pass IC installation in a couple of
> weeks.  Still sorting out the darn cross brace.

	I'll be looking for your report on the 2-piece Manifold.  If you
could, could you send it directly to me so I can ealilly forward to some
other people. (I'm on Digest)    Also, I'd love to hear your reactions on
the IC when you get it done.   WHat type of EM bolts are you using.  Stock
or something better and less prone to breaking?

> BTW, I will be at 2Bennett tomorrow to pick up an interior, at around 12 -
> 2pm.  If anybody is in the area, stop by.  No, I won't have the 88 5kcstq.
> But it is always nice to put faces with names...

	I'm a little far away.  Sorry.  Is it a Sport Int.  How much are
you getting it for???
	THanks for the details
OH, Oops, I almost forgot.  Will the Support bracket mount up to the 1
piece manifold?  WHere does it mount, if it mounts to the Engine Mount
Bracket then it wouldn't work for me since my bracket will be a 4kq
bracket.  But that sounds like a good idea.  
	ANyhow, good luck.