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RE: Audi GT Coupes (was re: More Audi Questions)

Thanks to both Gary and Scott for taking the time to provide such detailed

> > Or using a 10V (that's
> > a single-cam, 2 valve per cylinder, 5-cylinder engine) with turbo, which
> > is even cheaper but may cause problems in California, or other states
> > that follow our lead regarding smog laws.
> This should be possible since Duane Hale's former car (4kq with MC
> single knock sensor) was converted by 2Bennett and registered in
> California prior to being purchased by a fellow in Washington state.
> You'd just need to do a bit of research to see what kind of
> documentation the referee's want to see and what parts will be coming
> under scrutiny.
I too was concerned about the smog nazis here in California when entire
engine swaps are contemplated.  Surprisingly enough, as long as you
transplant the entire engine and controls from the cat forward it isn't that
bad!  2Bennett's approach is to work all of the pieces into the recipient
vehicle (down to the stickers that go on the hood!) ... and it seems that
the most difficult part for them with the MC transplant may be the
intercooler.  The only thing to beware of is that the engine has to be the
same model year or newer than the recipient, and the car then must continue
to meet the emissions test for the car from which the engine was removed.  

As regards and AWD variant of the Coupe GT, that would be the quattro turbo
coupe; which, as Scott so duly notes is not the ur-coupe (isn't that an
airplane? :) but it is considered to be the ur-quattro. Far and away the
majority of the examples that will be seen here in the states will be the
ones with the 10 valve I-5 turbo, but there are a handful of Sport Quattros
which came with a 20 valve I-5.  Perhaps someone more acquainted with even
numbers of cylinders mistook this variant as a 5 valve per cylinder engine

I don't know what sort of quarter mile times the Sport Quattros got, but if
they weren't already in the 13 second regime, I'm sure it would be easily
possible to get them there ... There was a guy here in California who had a
NOS system for his S4, which he used to take out to the dragstrips.  I don't
recall what sort of times he was getting though ... hmmm, I wonder if I'll
get a chance to see Scott again tomorrow at Thunderhill?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)