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RE: 87 5KQ clutch job

Time to replace the clutch in my 87 5KQ.
Need a clutch kit, anyone know where I can get the best price??

	Try Blaufurgnugen or The Parts Connection or GPR.  I think I got
my 4kq setup from GPR.

Also how heavy is the tranny to get in & out??

	I'd say about 100 pounds or MORE.  You cant lft it by yourself.

May want to tackle it myself & save $300 in labor.
Can I rig a floor jack to hold the Tranny?

	Rig it?  I spose.  I just used it as is.  a BIG one.  DONT use one
of those cheesy little ones that dont work very well.  Use a full size
with 20" lift height.  Its a pain but can be done.  Best to have a second
person to help manipulate it.  Car has to be very HIGH to slide Tranny
under on a Jack and it is hard to put on jack when Under car since it is
so heavy.  Easier if you have two jacks and two people

Any BTDT would be helpful.

	Dont forget to tilt up front of motor.  Wait.  This is on a 5ktq.
YOu could always just pull the motor out the front.  I pulled the motor
out of a 5ktq quicker than I got the Tranny out of my 4kq but thats just
me.  I've never dont a 5ktq.  Seriously though, I'm kind of kidding.
	Lets see, tips, on 4kq is was definately easiest to remove EM
Downpipe and center section of exhaust.  Remove Tranny Mounts.  Tilt
motor. Support Tranny.  Unbolt and remove.  
	Sounds Easy. Huh.  
Oops, almost forgot.  Un do Driveshafts at tranny and remove any Heat
shields.  ANd DONT forget about Shift Linkage and the hose that goes to
Clutch Slave?  Dont want a 100+lb tranny hanging from one of these.

Many thanks in advance...!!!

	No problem.  Good luck.