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Recirc Flap Spring Easy(er) Method 5kcstq

Do your windows fog up easily? Your recirculation flap spring may be
broken. On my '88 5kcstq I can open the glovebox and see whether the
recirc flap is open or closed. If the car is off and the flap is pulled
out toward you, the spring is toast.
   To get to it I found that I could remove a plastic kick panel below
the glove box easily for better access. There is a phillips screw on the
left and a plastic push lock on the right. On the push lock, be sure to
unlock it by prying the center part down first before trying to pull the
trim down. Once the trim is out of the way, you can look up into the
evaporator while the door is open and see the upper spring perch. You
will also see leaves in the drip pan, spider webs and a nice coating of
dust on the evaporator. Clean all that out of there while the spring is
off. I used a light gauge wire brush on the evaporator to get the rather
stuck dust off.
   Here's my trick for getting the spring on: I took an 8mm allen key
and turned the door spring perch 90 degrees to remove it. Now it is
easier to replace. Hook the new sring into the upper perch, and into the
loose lower perch. Pull the lower perch down between two fingers with
your palm towards you. Push it through the hole in the door from the
back. You can rotate it enough with your fingers that it will stay put
enough to get the allen key in there to lock it in. 
That's it. In and out in less than 10 minutes.
(I get to do the 200 next.)