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Re: Space saver spare tires are a joke

probably not applicable here, but in a '95-on BMW M3, the full size spare
is factored into the rear-end collision crush zone system.  food for thought.


At 13:08 1/15/99 -0800, John Karasaki wrote:
>I have 20+ full size "spares" I can choose from to put in the "trunk"
>portion of the '87 5KTQW.  So what does it have in it?  A compact spare
>from a urq so it can fit in the left side vertical compartment like all the
>non-quattro 5k based avants.
>Why do I want to haul around a full sized spare?  I'd rather have the
>extra, huge, trunk space for other things instead of for storing an item I
>will probably never use.  If I ever have to use the spare, it will be on
>for a VERY short period of time.  Is a compact spare dangerous?  Not if you
>remember it is on there and drive with your head instead of in a binary
>A couple of years ago I sold someone on this list a set of "new" 15x6,
>5x112mm wheels from a '87 5kt.  These I had gathered from the trunks of
>various 5kts in various wrecking yards.  Each had NEVER been used.  These
>cars mostly were the 100k+ mile variety.
>At least in 1987, the 5kt and 5ktq came with a full sized spare.  The
>owners manual makes a big deal about it.  Some bean counter or marketer
>must have realized it wasn't helping sales, so it was eliminated.
>John Karasaki
>"living on the edge with a compact spare tire in the boot"