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Re: Space saver spare tires are a joke

Actually, Joel, the type 44 trunk is designed to hold a full size 205/60 15"
spare tire. The cover panel for the full size spare is molded plastic with a
small relief to accomodate the rear of the tire and fits flat to the trunk.
If you try to use the flat hardboard cover which comes with the spacesaver
spare it will be slightly raised at the rear as you have mentioned.

Fred Munro
'91 200q  266k km
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Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 2:19 PM
Subject: Space saver spare tires are a joke

>Come on !!
>In a car as large as the type 44 sedans & avants, not outfitting or
>designing a space for a proper stock sized spare tire is outrageous !  The
>stock sized wheels and tires are not that big, 205/60 or 215/60  15" .
>the 87 sedan is a tight fit in the trunk w/ a 15x7 w/ 205/60 as a spare.
>The floor panel is slightly raised at the rear. I imagine the 91 200 15x7.5
>w/215/60 would raise the panel more (obviously), the question is the
>The 91 Avant has miles of space for a legitimate spare. (I checked). I'm
>currently trying to find a stock wheel for my 1991 200Q avant for this very
>pupose. (15x7.5  ET 35mm).  Anyone have a few  of these ?  If so I'm
>interested in buying .
>Joel Stetina    87 5000TQ, 91 200Q avant, 79 323i, & stuff
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>turbo...doable??and other questions
>>In message <8cbeae05.369722e1@aol.com> JordanVw@aol.com writes:
>>>>also another question - what years of 5k TQ came with a full size spare
>><Has to be the dumbest thing, especially on the ur-quattro.  A "space
>><saving" spare tyre?  Oh yeah?
>><What happens when you _do_ have a puncture?  Where do you put the one
>><you've taken off?
>><I suppose it's an Audi - you don't replace the tyre, you just order a
>><new complete wheel and leave the old one at the roadside.
>>I thought this started because the body design was originally for a
>>with smaller rims/wheels.  A full size would probably fit in my
>>'91 200q; but the 7.5" wide rim would cause it to stick up too high...
>>also, these fancy alloy wheels/tires would require a higher base price if
>>bought 5 rather than 4 plus a cheapo donut spare.
>>chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com