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Re: Re: Space saver spare tires are a joke

In a message dated 1/16/99 1:46:35 PM, mlcmlc@enter.net wrote:

>Ever been on a LONG trip and had a flat ??!  In the middle of Timbuktu where
>the only available tire is an off brand piece of garbage (not even S rated)
>at $150 +  ??!  If the shop's even open ??!  And you really do have to be
>somewhere at a given time ?  Oh, and now you're going to limp along on the
>shoulder getting side swiped by all the rude crazies who never move over for
>anything...and you only have 683.7 miles to go. Have a nice trip in your now
>obsolete nice car.!!!
Well, did get a flat in Buffalo New York in my 4kq; put on the space saver up
front, drove another 350 miles.  speeds varied from 55 to 75 mph; tire felt
fine; very little apparent wear after the trip.  Handled pretty well, even.