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fuel distr. update and questions

Hello all,

    Thanks for the advice on the 87 5k fuel dist problem. I haven't
quite got the problem solved but I found out why the car is totally
turning off at intermittent times. I found that one of the wires to the
fuse for the fuel pump was pushed down really far in the fuse panel and
the it was making intermittent contact. This is the fuse (10 Amp) that
isn't labeled and on the side of the the fuse panel in the fuse box
under the hood. Got that problem fixed in about 5 min.
    I still am having major problems with the car running correctly
(idle and rough running). It seems the car runs ok until it gets warmed
up, for 5mi in the morning its seem to run correctly. I have noticed is
that the fuel pump relay is clicking on and off. Any Ideas what causes
the fuel pump relay to cut on and off? Can the upper sending unit on the
radiator hose between cyl 1 and 2 cause this to happen? I know the car
doesn't run correctly or run at all when it is unconnected.



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