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RE: Tire sizes for UrQ?...

I can confirm first-hand that on my '85 Ur-Q, a 235/40-17 Dunlop SP-8000 on an
8x17 rim with 33mm offset fits fine both up front and in the back.  I can also
confirm that a 245/40-17 Goodyear GSCS racing tire (with a section width of
almost 10.5"!) will fit in the back on an 8x17 wheel using either 33mm or 45mm
offsets; they won't fit up front, though, as it hits the steering arm with the
45mm offset wheel and extends beyond the fender lip with the 33mm offset
wheel.  Lastly, I can also confirm that a 245/40-17 Hoosier Autocrosser tire
will likewise fit in the back using either the 33mm or 45mm offset wheels but
won't fit up front ... it's close, though, and with some minor tweeking, it
may just be possible.  I've also done a bit of testing with some 9x17 and 9x18
wheels but won't go into that yet since nothing's been finalized...