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Re: Timing Belts, Too many teeth to count

In message <916519081.104951.0@mail2.teleport.com> "Scott Mo." writes:

>> You said:
>> Equally sorry, but the only person on this planet whom I would trust to
>> tell the difference between a 113-tooth water pump and a 120-tooth water
>> pump by visual inspection is Claire Marsden - Adam Marsden's wife at AM
>> Cars.

> I am curious to find out which cars use the 113 tooth belt and which ones
> use the 120 tooth belt. I assume both of these belts have the old style
> square cut teeth. I have a new timing belt for the 4 cyl Audi engine that
> came in the US 1985 4000S and noticed it has 121 teeth.

I can't tell you for the 5000 - my microfiche is at Roger's.

However - the picture for the WR/WX/GV/MB/RR engines is:

To 85-D-902500 - 113 teeth, square cut.

(035 109 119)

85-E-900001 to 85-J-900643 (sez Audi) - 120 teeth, square cut.

(034 109 119)

85-J-900644 (sez Audi) onwards - 142 teeth, new style.

(074 109 119)

Now the goodie - according to the microfiche, the aluminium engine
was fitted with a '-SUPERTORQUE-' belt - 142 teeth.  Part number?

(074 109 119!! - see above)

Finally the 20V came along - in its RR form. 147 teeth.

(054 109 119 A)

The 'sez Audi' comments above are because the microfiche is wrong.
The change is keyed off the chassis number, and as we all know Audi
doesn't always fit ascending engine numbers into ascending chassis
numbers.  On the ur-quattro, chassis 85-J-900766 to 85-J-900780
are liable to have back-level engines and need the older belt.

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