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Re: Turn-turn-turn

In message <e03f104e.36a123b4@aol.com> Fourkguy@aol.com writes:

> Tried to remove an injector today to do the list recommended spray test.
> Turning & turning & turning & going nowhere at all. Use less strokes to .....
> well, that's another subject. How do these things come out?

Methods vary.  I use a _HUGE_ pair of what we call 'water pump pliers'
or sometimes 'footprints' because you can always see where they've
been.  At any rate, jawed gripers with _long_ handles.

Get a damn good grip on the outer (larger) nut, and then slip a massive
linear pry-bar (aka monster screwdriver) between the pliers and the
cam cover.  Lever and swear.

The resistance offered by injector seals varies with age.  When I tried
to remove the injectors from my Passat, I had to remove the cylinder
head, bolt it to a substantial block of wood, and use my son (a
competition swimmer) to operate a serious professional pry-bar.

Anyway - they pull out, and they can be _SODS_.  WD40, duck spray,
petrol, anything.

 Phil Payne
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