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Re: I've bought V8 today...couple of questions.

In message <199901171016.MAA27703@carry.netneo.com> Stas Ivanov writes:

> Are there chains or belts in the front of engine (near radiator) ? They are
> closed and it;s impossible to check. It looks like they link crankshaft and
> camshafts . There are two of them , one for each side .

There are two belts on the front of the engine - a V-ed belt that
drives all of the accessories (air con., alternator, hydraulics) and
a toothed belt that drives one cam on each side.  Both belts go all
over the front of the engine - it isn't 'one per side'.

They're both over two metres long, BTW.

There is a separate chain on the back of each bank to keep the
twin camshafts each side in check.

There is a separate V8Q mailing list, where I'm sure you be able to
find more information.  Perhaps some kind soul will post the URL
for it.

 Phil Payne
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