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Re: Antilock problems after service


    Hopefully the mechanic did not adjust the ABS sensor correctly and it
needs to be set to the proper clearance. The sensor generates a signal as
the teeth on the reluctor (which is part of the CV joint) pass it. If the
signal is not generated or is too irregular, the ABS system shuts off. This
can happen if the sensor is damaged, is too far away from the reluctor (the
most common problem), or the reluctor has damaged or missing teeth.
    One of the local Audi mechanics replaced a front halfshaft on his tq
with a rebuilt halfshaft. He still hasn't been able to get his ABS working -
he suspects the reluctor is damaged. Hope your problem is just the clearance
on the sensor.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  266k km
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Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 9:03 PM
Subject: Antilock problems after service

Hello, all...

Once again I turn to the Q-list for some answers.

I recently had my 88 Q90 in for a wheel bearing and cv-shaft
change, and when I got it back, the anti-lock brake light stays on.
Anti-lock is *not* functioning, either, as I discovered after a test (on
an empty side road, of course.)   ;)

As I was out of town, the service wasn't done by an Audi dealer.

I'm thinking that the mechanic somehow messed up the antilock
sensor; any other ideas?

As always, any ideas, help, etc., gratefully acknowledged and
appreciated immensely!