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Re: <90+> <FS>Bose System re-fit/Speakers for sale

apowell@ezlink.com wrote:
> I'm copying this memo to the Z-car group, as it might be pertinent
> to someone with a 90+ Z-car having a Bose stereo.
> I have just tried - for the second time - to use the a conventional
> JVC stereo with the Bose speakers and amps in my 1990 Audi 200
> using the stereo to Bose adapter which Crutchfield supplies.  The
> first time I tried this - about three years ago - I was very
> disappointed with the sound resulting, as the adapter had a high
> hiss level and the sound was not clean at volume.  I hoped their
> conventional radio to Bose speaker system adapters had improved.
> My report to you is that the Crutchfield adapters have NOT
> improved.  I'm using a new JVC stereo and attempted to connect to
> the Bose speakers/amps through the adapter, and the sound was
> only acceptable at VERY low volumes.  As soon as the volume
> was raised to anything above a moderate listening level (the kind of
> volume I'd use to listen to a newscast...) distortion was immediate
> and highly objectionable!!  I have returned the adapter.
> I tried using a conventional stereo and driving the Bose speakers
> directly with the Bose amps disconnected, but that does NOT give
> good sound either.  Those Bose speakers are NOT designed to be
> driven by anything but a Bose amp with lots of EQ built in.
> IMO (based on three years of trials) the only good options on a
> Bose system vehicle are:
> 1)  Don't change a thing!
> 2)  Change radio and speakers, complete.
> Any in-between step will result in substandard sound.
> So - FOR SALE: four Bose speakers and amps.  I know that some
> on these lists have had failures of speakers or amps, and I prefer to
> sell all this stuff to one buyer. I will part it out if I get inquiries from
> different people on different parts of the system.  I will provide Bose
> part numbers below so you can cross-check with the marks on
> your existing equipment.  These will surely cross with Audi
> equipment, but they may also cross with some of the Z-car
> systems.
> Speakers:
> Front: 2 ea., 4.5" diameter, 3 mounting holes, Bose #109638P
> stamped on magnet.  Sticker on magnet has Bose #132498-4
> Rear: 2 ea., 6x9", Bose #133074P stamped on magnet. Sticker on
> magnet has Bose #132495-1
> Amplifiers:
> Front - 2 ea, labeled:
> Alpha C/L front
> 133356-A01
> 3616/WA01 (Left side)
> 3621/WA01 (Right side)
> Rear: 2 ea, complete with plastic "baskets" in which they mount:
> Labeled -
> Alpha Lea. Rear
> 133356-A02
> 3451/HA02 (Left side)
> 3547/HA02 (Right side)
> I'll take $80 for the complete set!!  What a deal!! (Hey - try buying
> an amp from Bose or Audi for that....).  Buyer pays shipping.
> I can also now attest that the following speakes sound GREAT in
> my Audi 200, but are not suitable for high power systems, as
> they're not rated to take much more power than the 40W my JVC
> stereo puts out...
> Front (door): Polk EX501A, 5-inch (requires slight Dremel-ing of
> Bose enclosures to convert from three-bolt to four-bolt mount.)
> Rear: Polk EX692A, 6x9 inch (a bolt-in, no sweat).
> I thank you.  Please let me know if you're interested in the
> speakers and amps.
> ++++++++++++++++++++WSU-CSU+++++++++++++++++
> Al Powell
> Apowell@EZlink.com
> 1958 Fiat 1200 Spyder "Transformabile"
> 1983 Datsun 280ZXT
> 1990 Audi 200
> http://www.ezlink.com/~powells/
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Al,

I believe Bose treats the output/speaker system as a current source, not 
a voltage source. Therefore the characteristic impeadence of the 
speakers (and their working range) is vastly different than if they
were typical voltage "sourcing". 

Pete Keating
(can't spell GEEK w/o double "EE")