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Re: 87tq differential fluid


    Your transmission should only be filled with a pure synthetic G50 Audi
oil or equivalent. The rear differential can by filled with a 75W90 GL5 dino
or synthetic oil. The dino oils get a lot more viscous in the cold than the
synthetics and if used in the tranny will cause stiff shifting until they
warm up.
    The Audi engineers know their equipment and the design parameters - if
you second guess their specifications you are always taking a chance that
you will get it wrong.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  266k km
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From: Joan Kotjarapoglus <jkot+@pitt.edu>
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Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 9:34 AM
Subject: 87tq differential fluid

>On very cold morinings - below freezing - my car growns when i am backing
>up  and  it is very hard to shift  until I travel several miles.  A couple
>years ago, I replaced the fluids with a blend sold by Blau.  I think it
>was in part a sythetic blend.  Supposedly, it worked better it the cold,
>but I did not find it so.  I want to change the fluids again in the hope
>of curing the groaning noise and stifting.  Is there a full sythetic
>blend that will solve my problem (brand?).  Will it cause seals to leak?
>I would appreciate hear of any similar experienc and what sucess you may
>have had in curing the problem.    Georg K   jkot@pitt.edut