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weird ice problem

Osman wrote:
This morning, I went out to the car and found that a large amount of

BLUE ice had accumulated near the front of the driver side door.

Somehow, the ice had worked it's way INSIDE the door hinge-area, and I

couldn't open the door further than 1/3 (there-abouts). Cleaning off the

ice from the outside didn't help. There is definately a chunk of ice

blocking the door from the inside. 

   This "ice" gives all appearance as being windshield washer solution.

It is bright blue in color. My winshield washers have been only

providing minimal spray for some time, and I've attempted to bandage

them a little by using duct-tape on the lines. I think it is time to

I think you're seeing a combination of two things: one, your windshield washer
is spraying fluid onto the windshield, and it is then draining down the corner
of the windshield, into the hinge area.  Second, there is a blue-colored
vacuum reservoir (shaped like a series of interconnected blue tennis balls);
put a little ice across  that and you've got blue ice...
I think if the wiper drained under the hood, it would go through the drain by
the fusebox, which leads inside the engine compartment, not hinge area (as I
HTH, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com