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Re: Subject: Re: Euros

C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:

>twin-bulb headlights (5ktq, 200)
>H4 are dual filament bulbs; the H4 low beam filament lights up alone as a low
>beam, and the H4 high beam filament lights up _together_ with the H3 highbeam
>filament on high beams.  Flash-to-pass lights up all three filaments.  Also,
>the "city light" bulb stays on with all others as a marker light; in the USA,
>this replaces the side marker light used on the DOT lights.
I haven't seen both the high-beam and H1/H3 filament used on high beam, but
I guess it could be done heat-wise. H4s switch from one filament to another
when on high beam, as the two together would build up too much heat.

I know the what the city lights are used for and when they're used- they
double as parking lights. One stays on (together with a taillight)  when
you leave the turn signal stalk switched on when you park the car, to mark
it in dark areas.

Very useful extra, that. I hated my old (black) Opel Kadett for not having
this feature.