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cast wishbones

From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
>> On a similar (ish) subject, #'s 893 407 157 H & 893 407 158 H, are
>> these 20v Ur-q cast wishbones and from what metal are they made?
>Nope.  85-D-900001 to 85-K-020000.  Late WRs and all MBs.

Now I'm really confused...or else I'm being particularly dense today,
I took the two wishbones off a wrecked 20v, they carry the above numbers,
are cast(forged?) of some sort of steel (they have some rust and a magnet
sticks to them)and accept a 3 bolt fixing ball joint. The wishbones on my MB
are pressed steel and take a 2 bolt fitting ball joint.
What gives?

Jim Haseltine.