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Re: Winter Wiper Blades


    I used the standard rubber sheathed winter blades from the local
Canadian Tire store on my '86 5ktq. It is true that the hook was too short
to engage the lock, but where are the blades going to go? What little
centrifugal force there is pushes them into the hook.
    I never had a problem with the blades coming loose; in fact, by spring
they were usually on so tight I had trouble getting them off!


Fred Munro
'91 200q  266k km
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From: Paul Luevano <prl@ptc.com>
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Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 1:30 PM
Subject: Winter Wiper Blades

>OK, what do those of you with 5k's who live in the snow and ice belts
>use for winter wiper blades?  I have been quite unsuccessfull in finding
>a set of winter wipers that fit the 5k's.  For whatever reason, the
>"hook" on the wiper arm of the 5k's is much shorter than normal. so the
>winter blades I've tried will not lock into place.
>I tried a set of Anco and a set of Bosch winter blades, neither worked.
>Am I the only one who has run into this problem?  The Bosch summer
>blades work fine 90% of the time, but the 10% that they ice up are a
>real pain.
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