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Re: illegal dastardly badge!

At 05:59 PM 1/16/1999, Mike Arman wrote:
>Well shucks, guys, all this yelling about illegal, inappropriate,
>inaccurate, misleading, yes, downright LYING badges has me worried!

...................If you were our President, we would impeach you. Or
censure you and fine you somehow. That sounds like a very good idea.
Perhaps I can get together a worldwide conspiracy somehow. I'm gonna tell
the whole world about you, and they will rise up and wash you right off the
face of the planet.
>I'm driving an N.A. 5 Ks, and the clear coat on the trunk was looking like
>hell, so when I happened across a 5K trunk lid exactly the same color as my
>car, and with good clear coat, in a junkyard and bought it for $25, should
>I have rejected it because it had a small "turbo" emblem on it?

....................no, you did something many of us have done. We
understand. Everybody lies about sex and trunk lid badges. But we can't
just walk away from this issue. You have confessed.
What will we tell our children about things like this?

>I mean, here in more-or-less rural Florida most of the local talent doesn't
>even know what an Audi is ("Made in England, isn't it?"), let alone that it
>has FIVE cylinders ("Impossible. You can't build a five cylinder engine!")
>or that it happens to be a really nice car despite being 13 years old
>("That's an *86*?") . . . do I risk the wrath of the Audi gods? After all,

>my *other* Audi IS a turbo!

.................sounds like a good bumper sticker.

>And the yokes on my Cessna 150 say "Cardinal RG" - how much trouble am I in
>for *THAT*?

..................that's an item for the FAA. Why are you mentioning
airplanes on the Q-list? That is really off-topic. Ah HA...you are
attempting to change the subject and avoid the badge issue. Sounds like you
are impeding justice. Won't work. We have a confession.

>Anyway, I see Phil is thinking about buying a 200TQ - I hope it happens,
>because it would be real nice to have someone with his degree of rabid
>fanaticism (that is NOT a slur) driving the same car I am - I could get ANY
>question, no matter how arcane, answered. I think we should encourage him
>to do this, maybe even take up a collection to make sure it happens.

.................Nah, I think we should donate YOUR car to Phil. As
punishment for having an ill eagle badge on the trunk. And you pay the
shipping. Then we won't have to impeach you.

>Best Regards,
>Mike (badges not quite accurate for one car) Arman
>PS: no 39K GIF of the badge attached . . . ;-)
>PPS: Miles of "space saver spare" snipped off, too!!

.........................Incidently, I wonder how Phil feels about paying
for all the wasted BW he is getting with these double posts?  I got 407
last night.

Doyt Echelberger
86 4kq
87 5kcstq   all cars properly badged at this time, but my heart is filled
with badge-lust.