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Re: Fuel

In message <CC02A33681996F7DCC02A33681996F7D#064#LENF07.GPT@SMF> Colin.Parkes@marconicomms.com writes:

> just bought a 1989 Coupe Quattro 2226 (not 20V) and I'm not too sure
> what fuel to use.

I assume a jelly-mould with a KV engine, not an MB turbo.

In theory you should use 98 octane (UK).  Four-star is 97 (UK) and works
just fine.  If you use standard unleaded, the ignition should be
retarded - Audi say 8 degrees, most users with older (worn) engines say
0 to 3 degrees.  Best to do a compression test and see how close to
nominal your are.

Zero engine damage will result from the absence of lead.

Call Roger Galvin on 01455 557190 for a UK quattro Owners Club
application form.  If your car is the one sold in Market Harborough at
the end of last week for GBP1000 ($1650) he reserves the right to swear
at you.

 Phil Payne
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